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The Secret to Getting More Done

July 14, 20212 min read

It was a cold and rainy day as I sat alone in my home office debugging Webpack config errors. No matter what I tried, the errors would not go away. My natural inclination was to “just get through most of them” before eating lunch. But as I fixed errors, more emerged. Do you know…

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Build a GraphQL API with TypeScript, AWS AppSync, and CDK

June 13, 20213 min read

What We’re Building Previously, I had used AWS SAM to build a CRUD app for notes. Recently, I wanted to learn more about the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK), GraphQL, and AWS AppSync, so I decided to refactor my original project. Disclaimer that at the time of writing the CDK v…

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You Are More Than Your Tech Choices

May 22, 20212 min read

If you know me, you’ve probably noticed that my technical specialities lately have been JavaScript and AWS Serverless. As a software developer with a few years of experience, recruiters often message me trying to convince me to apply for a job opening. In one specific instance, I…

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Upgrading to the AWS SDK for JavaScript v3

February 04, 20212 min read

In December 2020, AWS announced general availability of version 3 of their SDK for JavaScript. I decided to take some time to experiment and see what’s changed. What’s New? There are lots of new features in this release. Here’s the new features that I’ve seen highlighted the most…

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