Danielle Heberling

Software Engineer

Nice to meet you.

Danielle Heberling

Throughout my entire life, I questioned why and how things work with a strong desire to make them better.

Career wise, I used to work in tech support for AppleCare and then Squarespace. I loved helping customers; however, I discovered that my job centered around asking an engineer to fix a bug or UX issue.

Because of my desire to provide a better customer experience and to take matters into my own hands, I began teaching myself how to code and became a software engineer. Currently interested in Serverless architectures, Javascript/Typescript, and AWS though that will probably evolve over time as new technologies come out.

This information on this site serves as a personal reminder of my commitment to life long learning, improvement, creating things, and knowledge sharing.

Any opinions expressed on this site are mine and are not reflective of any organizations I am affiliated with.