Danielle Heberling

Software Engineer

5 Things I Learned from Advent of Code

December 30, 20203 min read

Every year since 2015, Advent of Code happens. Each day from December 1st through December 25th, there’s a new 2 part puzzle to solve. On a typical year, I get to about day 4 then life gets in the way. When I finally remember there’s more puzzles to do, it’s almost time for the…

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Using GitHub Actions to Build a Self Updating README

October 25, 20203 min read

The Project Idea A few months ago, Github enabled the ability to add a README section to your profile in addition to the pinned repositories. Personally, I find this pretty exciting. I’m sure many other software engineers can relate that we have some throw away projects and…

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Dangers of Console-Driven Development

October 15, 20203 min read

What is Console Driven Development (CDD)? AWS offers the ability to login to a web UI dashboard. In this dashboard, you can add, edit, and deploy various cloud resources. When I was first getting started with AWS, this is where I began for two reasons: It seemed the easiest way…

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Computer Science for Everyone - Queues

September 08, 20202 min read

Motivations TL;DR. I come from a non-traditional background and never knew basic computer science concepts before getting into the industry. As I interviewed for software engineering roles, I found this to be a blocker at some companies. So, I’ve…

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