Danielle Heberling

Software Engineer

Upgrading to the AWS SDK for JavaScript v3

February 04, 20213 min read

In December 2020, AWS announced general availability of version 3 of their SDK for JavaScript. I decided to take some time to experiment and see what’s changed. What’s New? There are lots of new features in this release. Here’s the new features that I’ve seen highlighted the most…

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5 Things I Learned from Advent of Code

December 30, 20203 min read

Every year since 2015, Advent of Code happens. Each day from December 1st through December 25th, there’s a new 2 part puzzle to solve. On a typical year, I get to about day 4 then life gets in the way. When I finally remember there’s more puzzles to do, it’s almost time for the…

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Using GitHub Actions to Build a Self Updating README

October 25, 20203 min read

The Project Idea A few months ago, Github enabled the ability to add a README section to your profile in addition to the pinned repositories. Personally, I find this pretty exciting. I’m sure many other software engineers can relate that we have some throw away projects and…

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Dangers of Console-Driven Development

October 15, 20203 min read

What is Console Driven Development (CDD)? AWS offers the ability to login to a web UI dashboard. In this dashboard, you can add, edit, and deploy various cloud resources. When I was first getting started with AWS, this is where I began for two reasons: It seemed the easiest way…

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