Danielle Heberling

Software Engineer

Computer Science for Everyone - Bubble Sort

April 10, 20203 min read

Photo by Pieter on Unsplash Motivations As an individual that is a professional software engineer and does not have a computer science degree, data structures and alogorithms used to be frightening words for me to hear. Oftentimes my inner voice translated those words into “here…

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Create Your Own Lambda Layer with NodeJS

January 22, 20204 min read

Photo by Ivana Cajina on Unsplash The Problem While speaking with folks who are new to serverless, I’m often asked “how can I reuse my code across multiple Lambda functions?” One way to do this is by writing your own custom Lambda Layer. In this post, we’re going to build a…

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Serverless *Can* be for Everyone - Let's Build it that Way

December 23, 20196 min read

Serverless can bring opportunities by making DevOps more accessible to folks new to the industry. It can also bring opportunities to folks already in the industry that want to spend more time focusing on adding business value. But many technologists, seasoned or otherwise, hear a…

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Real Time Interactions with Websockets

November 19, 20195 min read

Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash The Problem I was working on a web application that allows users to upload plain text files and translate that text into another language (with the caveat that the inbound and outbound languages are supported by AWS Translate). The frontend talks to…

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